The main purpose in using an electronic portfolio or "e-Portfolio" under the framework of the European Koinos project is to gather not just the digital materials or contents of the learning processes and development of the teachers and their students in their language skills but also a collection of experiences and reflections of all these players which gives us a more holistic and comprehensive panorama of the process of their learning during the participatory research-action that the project will be promoting.

In that regard it does not just aim to collect and quantify evidence but also gather qualitative evaluations, voices, experiences, processes, reflections, improvements and actual motivations of a learning experience in research-action; the e-Portfolio will allow us then to create and feed back a chronological audio-visual and interactive dialogic record for sharing and transferring knowledge on a European level.

The KOINOS e-Portfolio is a digital collection of learning, experiences and reflections of teachers and their students in the development of their language skills within and without the school.