Travelling carpets

The goal behind Flying Carpets is to encourage the development of reading skills in the information society (communication and knowledge). Following the image of Aladdin's magic carpet from the Thousand and One Nights, it proposes a journey through the world of pluriliteracy (plurilingual, intercultural and multi-modal) accompanied by other readers.

These are school flying carpets —which will be adapted to each centre throughout the project— with materials from several genres, made up of and in several media for collecting and drafting the necessary information for carrying out projects for the classroom or with other aims; and other family members for performing activities at home by promoting connections between the student's classroom and environment.

What is more, in considering language- and culture-diversity documents and relating schools from various areas and countries, these Carpets are aimed at influencing connections between the classroom and daily life and at promoting positive community life and social cohesion, by boosting relations among the product's target group.