Presentation of family carpets to the educational community

For the family carpet presentations, a session with teachers and families is envisaged, with the possibility of the children also attending. The following goals and content should be borne in mind:


Understanding the benefits of reading as a family: reading for the children and reading with the children.
Understanding the adult’s supporting role in learning processes.
Experiencing a reading activity with children in a group workshop.
Respecting the distance between cultural factors.
Acquiring resources for reading at home.


The concept of reading beyond decoding.
The functions of reading in different contexts.
Relationships between instructing and supporting in learning to read.
Basic ideas for fostering reading at home.



The carpet presentation session is in two parts:

1st part: a talk-discussion by an expert (teacher or librarian) with the parents while the children are playing (in another place) supervised by monitors. (Click here for the talk-discussion script )

2nd part: participation of family groups (parents and children) in a family reading workshop led by an adult specialist. Holding as many simultaneous workshops as necessary. The workshop's dynamics are as follows:

Welcome and introduction
Presentation of the books.
The group leader reads out loud with the families joining in.
The families are given time to comment.
Pooling ideas and conclusions

3rd part: Details of how the “travelling carpets” will be managed: what day the carpet can be taken home, how many days the family will have it, what order will be followed, etc.